Our Business Phone numbers

(403)-606-0503 & (403) 288-8972  

Our Story - Our Mission - Our Values​

Our Story

For 38 years we’ve been in business, Maury as an horticulturist is providing the best care about your trees.

we have been seeking our clients satisfaction with the best quality service possible. Our customer shown their appreciation by coming back to us repeatedly.


We believe in elegance as the face of our business, what is being elegance defined to us is to have a good reputation in business and repeated recommendation of our customers. We train our personnel to be elegance in character and customer relation.


JR Tree Service is accessible easily via different means as metioned in our Contact page. We are active within the City of Calgary & suburbs. Client also for complain or appraisal can feel our feed back form in the client feed back form in our page. To let the CEO of JR Tree Service know about their feed back for our employees. 

Respecting Nature

JR tree Service team as educated & trained team know that the mother nature is caring for them, so they also care for the mother land. 

We try to maintain the city, the plants. We beleive that the plants are the lung of the earth. She needs to breathe.


JR tree Service continuously strives to leave a pleasant foot mark after finishing the Tree Service Job for our clients. JR Arborists are trained to shape up the plants or trees as a piece of art to satisfy client as per highest standard in the tree business

​Our Commitment

 When you accept a proposal from J.R.Tree Service Corp, we work as though the trees were our own. You can expect the work to be completed with artistry – promptly and to your satisfaction.


Caring for your trees since 1980, J.R. Tree Service Corp is one of the oldest tree companies in Calgary providing Calgarians with the best service for 36 years.

Having more than 5000 permanent customers shows our quality of our services. We’re a small company with a great reputation!
Our strong reputation is built on customer satisfaction. With the skills of a horticultural engineer whose degree is supported by over 36 years of experience, you can trust that your trees and shrubs are in the best of hands.
We believe that experience is very important to our customers. We have the knowledge and expertise necessary to address any of our customers’ needs or concerns. Pruning and trimming trees, shrubs and hedges is not just a job for us. It is our livelihood.

​We ensure that after the job is done, your outside environment apart from your newly and beautifully cared-for trees and shrubs is left untouched. Fully insured and contracted through the WCB, we have never damaged any of our customers’ property in 36 years of dedicated service.